This is a first person puzzle game where everything you do consumes power! Everything from moving to throwing teleportation stones.

If you are familiar with first-person controls you should know what to do. WASD to move around, use your mouse to look around and throw teleportation stones with left-click. If you right-click you will activate the trajectory-prediction system. Then you will be able to predict where the stone will land.

I hope you will enjoy playing it =)

I highly recommend that you play the desktop build and not on the web for better performance.

Oliver out!

Install instructions

Download the .zip folder, and then either extract the content somewhere and run the .exe or just run the .exe file in the program that you opened the .zip file with :)


LOTS - Legend of the Teleportation 49 MB
LOTS - Legend of the Teleportation 53 MB

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